Saturday, June 21, 2014

Chris with Signs

My parents came for a visit this week and we took a day trip to Skagway, Alaska. It's the perfect excuse for another edition of "Chris with Signs"!

Carcross Desert
The smallest desert in the world!

Welcome to Alaska
Welcome to Alaska!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Being pregnant sucks

What to expect when you're expecting

I was recently reading a friend's blog post about how fabulous her pregnancy has been and I got really upset. So far, for me, being pregnant has been far from fabulous.

I'm sick to my stomach.
Calling it morning sickness is terribly misleading. For the last few months I've been sick in the mornings, in the afternoons, in the evenings and sometimes in the middle of the night. Vomiting is actually not so bad compared to the more frequent painful dry heaving or the almost constant nausea.

I'm too fat for my clothes.
I already couldn't fit into my normal pants early in the first trimester. Admittedly, some of that was probably some Yukon winter weight, but mostly I'm blaming the baby. Trying to get dressed in the morning was frustrating and I hated the thought of going out in public in the only pants in my closet that fit, frumpy sweat pants.

I'm not getting anything done.
I'm so tired and lazy the majority of my spare time is spent lying on the couch or napping. I'm used to being the type of person who has a bunch of projects on the go and has to keep her hands busy. Everyone says you're supposed to be active and exercise when you're pregnant, but it's not very appealing when you feel like you're going to puke or you're suffering from another migraine (migraines, yeah, I'm getting those now too).

I miss coffee.
I LOVE coffee. Coffee is delicious and wonderful and makes waking up in the morning slightly more bearable. And since getting pregnant I haven't been able to drink it because it tastes disgusting and makes my stomach turn. This might be for the best, since I know caffeine is bad for the baby and it might have been hard to cut back otherwise, but I still really miss my morning cups of coffee.

But thankfully it's getting better.
I got Dicletin from my doctor and while it hasn't made the morning sickness completely go away, it's been a huge help and has made my life much less miserable. I've also learned to control the worst of the nausea by eating constantly, so I carry snacks in my purse and keep a steady supply of crackers at my desk. Now that I'm heading towards month 5, the really bad days seem to be less frequent and some days I don't feel sick at all.
When my mom sent me a pair of tall-sized maternity jeans it was the best thing ever. Since then, I've added to my maternity wardrobe and the weather has warmed up, so I've been able to wear lots of pretty dresses and skirts.
For the first time in months I'm starting to feel more like myself again. I still haven't got all my energy back and some days are better than others, but it feels good to be getting stuff done. There's no shortage of stuff that needs doing at our house!

Chris and I are both thrilled to be bringing this baby into the world, and I'm so glad that I have an awesome supportive husband helping me through everything. It will be all worth it in the end, but sometimes it's hard to believe women willingly go through this multiple times! Do you forget it all once the baby arrives?