Sunday, May 16, 2010

I think I love you

Inspired by the transit scroll craze and the awesome Beatles lyrics art over at Cozy Little Cave and in this house tour, I made Chris a present from some junk I had lying around the house.

I took a broken Ikea frame I got from a friend,
 stretched an old pillow case from the rag bin over it, stapled it down,
and then painted the whole thing black.
A little bit of stenciling later, voila!


Andrea said...

Aren't those lyrics from the Partridge Family and not the Beatles?

Allison said...

Yeah, it's a Patridge Family/David Cassidy song. It's a bit of an in joke between Chris and I.

I was inspired by the two Beatles lyrics paintings, but I wanted to pick lyrics that had a special meaning for us. I switched up the font because I really like the look of the different sizes of text on the bus scrolls that are everywhere these days.

RealGrouchy said...

Andrea just saved me a lot of frustrated Googling.

That's a neat technique for a project, I'll have to keep that in mind...

- RG>

Chewie said...

What a cool did you do the letter stenciling? It looks great.

Allison said...

I printed the letter outlines and then cut them out with an exacto knife in much the same way as we did the stencil for our kraken table.