Upcycled Prom Decor Roundup

 Our friend Kate caught us examining something at Prom

Chris and I have both been feeling a little under the weather, so we haven't been terribly productive over the last week or two, but I thought you might appreciate a run down of all we did in preparation for Promdemonium.

In addition to the vintage clothing lamps, we also made a bunch of other decorations:

-Pop-up paper flowers like these and giant bows (large versions of this) from phone book pages, magazines and old architectural plans

-Paper pompoms from phone book pages
-Toilet paper roll art like this, but we used a glue gun to put them together faster and then we spray painted them fun colours

-Fabric bunting (as mentioned here)
-Silhouettes cut out of used contractor bags - I wish I would have gotten a good picture of these as they looked incredible in all the windows. We first took photos of the Prom volunteers in funny party poses and then used a projector to blow up the pictures and trace them onto the black plastic.

-Photo booth backdrop put together by a volunteer following these plans, with a thrifted bed sheet turned into a curtain
-We re-used the cardboard stars from previous years and made lots of new ones and spray painted them silver and gold

-Finally there was our record arch. Chris drew up the plans and the incredible volunteers brought it to life! When it was strung with freecycle Christmas lights it looked like an old jukebox.


Colleen said…
Sounds like a ton of work, but it looks like they turned out really well for you! You must be very proud!:)

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