Thursday, March 17, 2011

What to wear?

Since the majority of decorations for Promdemonium 2011 are being made from repurposed materials, I've had to spend a good chuck of time poking through thrift stores, looking for supplies. Naturally, while shopping for possible decor I couldn't help but also check out possible prom outfits.

So now I've got a problem because I've gone and bought no fewer than 3 dresses to wear to Promdemonium.

I actually got 4 dresses if you count the pink one I bought this summer, but I've now got other plans for that one

Chris won't have any trouble picking out what he's going to wear because we found him a fantastic vintage tuxedo with velvet lapels.

I still can't believe it was only $13

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J still being lazy said...

Oh, with those shoes? The first one, absofuckinglutely! It's just perfect.